We are a very large group of fun loving people that like to travel, drink and socialize with other people in a tropical setting that love to do the same. We take our fun seriously because we realize life is short and you have to enjoy it while you can. Our itinerary is simple, weekend getaways, theme parties and happy hours and other gatherings. We network within our group for those in business and support each other in our daily lives.

The requirements to be a PIRATEHEAD are simple.  You must be addicted to fun and sun. You must own a pair of flip flops or a pirate hat. You must never wear flip flops with a pirate hat! You must drink. You can be sober, but you are required to have had an alcohol problem somewhere in the past, or a family member with an alcohol problem. You must never discuss politics or religion amongst the group.  Lord knows our "government is screwed up!" You must wake up on Monday thinking about Friday. You must own a boat, have a friend with a boat or be able to spell "bote". You must love the water. To either swim in it, under it, to cruise on it, or to have it with Scotch. Bathing in it is optional. You must be willing to dress up as  Pirate and other characters from time to time. You must be in top physical shape. Ok, scratch the last part. You must be willing to hang out with other people that are in top physical shape. You must be willing to accept your new Rockstar status! You must have a job. Or a really good friend with a job. If you do not, we will help you find one... A friend with a job that is! And most importantly you must have the PIRATTITUDE that there is no such thing as too much fun!

11420 US Hwy One
North Palm Beach, Fl 33408
Call (561) 633-2041 for details.

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